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Posted May 2014
Net Neutrality - it is a subject normally constrained to the realm of geeks and nerds, particularly those of the techie variety, discussed amongst themselves and rarely, if at all, bringing those who care not for how their computers or the internet works into the mix.

Yet even amongst the techies, while they may have heard the term on occasion, this was another topic among many. People have servers and databases to run, software to program, hardware to discuss - no one can read up on everything at once.

Techies - People who have progressed beyond the technobabble, as entertaining as it is, found in shows like Star Trek to technospeak. These are people who (to varying extents) understand what things like router, TCP/IP, IPv6, web browser, bandwidth, border gateway protocol, deep packet inspection, latency, kilobit, central processing unit, Linux, OpenBSD, java.package.Class.method(), hypertext markup language, cascading style sheet, perfect forward secrecy, homomorphic encryption, stuxnet, ROT13 or Bcrypt actually mean. These are people who read The Daily WTF for fun.

Escape Artist

Who are these techies? The nerds and geeks who, in addition to whatever other geeky or nerdy interests they may have, include the inner workings of the technology both of our daily lives and the esoteric in their terminology and mindset? Perhaps the parody song artist "Weird Al" Yankovic, famous for songs such as Fat, and Christmas At Ground Zero, and This is the Life, and Don't Download This Song can provide us with both entertainment and insight with the song White & Nerdy.

But the question remains, if Net Neutrality is just another thing which techies concern themselves with, then why has it become something where there is a push to get everyone involved with it? Mechanics don't go on about how all of a sudden everyone needs to know what a carburetor is. Structural engineers don't start a panic that the general public needs to know how to calculate stress load. Pilots aren't out protesting because their passengers don't know how to fly a plane. What are the nerds and geeks worried about?

thejuicemedia explains in Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25]

The Dear FCC site mentioned in the video. Note: Comments posted to the FCC are a matter of public record and are viewable online, including name and address, one day after being submitted to the FCC public docket. This video was uploaded on May 23, 2014.

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